Twin Draft Guard (Pack of 2!)
Twin Draft Guard (Pack of 2!)
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Twin Draft Guard (Pack of 2!)

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Are you tired of cranking up the heat and seeing your energy bill spike?

The Twin Draft Guard is the perfect solution for you. This easy-to-install draft stopper slides on the end of any door and can be used on both interior and exterior doors. You will notice a huge improvement in the temperature and comfort of your home. Stay warm in the winter, stay cool in the summer, and watch your savings increase month by month! The Twin Draft Door Guard is made with strong, durable, machine wash safe materials and fits on doors and windows up to 85 cm (34 inche)s in length. Say goodbye to cold drafts and expensive energy bills and say hello to the Twin Draft Door Guard!

Twin Draft Guard is for windows and doors. It saves energy and money for keeping cold air out and warm air in. It moves with the door so you don't have to worry about bending over to re-position. Twin Draft Guard blocks drafts from both sides. It easily glides over all floors: carpet, wood, tile and linoleum. It has a durable cover that is machine washable. You can cut the tubes if needed to fit a specific size.

No Installation!

Just slide the Twin Draft Guard under your door or window to keep the draft out!


  • Save big with this brand new insulating Twin Draft Guard.
  • Patented design double seals doors and windows.
  • Double seal windows and doors.
  • Made of water resistant microfleece.
  • Double insulation technology. 
  • Airtight, draft proof seal retains heat and repels moisture.
  • Trim the twin channels to fit any length door or window, looks perfectly in place.
  • Glides across wood, tile, even carpet.
  • Moves with the door! No bending to reposition!
  • Blocks drafts from both sides.
  • Keeps out, ice, snow, dust, dirt and water.
  • Keep out noises, insects, toxic fumes.
Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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