TumbleDry™ - Non-toxic Dryer & Fabric Softener
TumbleDry™ - Non-toxic Dryer & Fabric Softener
TumbleDry™ - Non-toxic Dryer & Fabric Softener
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TumbleDry™ - Non-toxic Dryer & Fabric Softener

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Finally... A Natural Way To Soften & Dry Laundry Without Using Chemicals!

  • Dry clothes faster & save on electricity
  • All-natural way to soften your laundry
  • Cheaper & safer than wool dryer balls
  • Helps get rid of wrinkles, twisting, & tangling of clothes
  • Eliminates static cling so clothes don't rub against each other
  • Hypoallergenic & reusable:  lasts 1,000 or more loads, typically 2-4 years

Dry clothes faster & save 25% on electricity! 

The unique aerodynamic design opens up spaces in the laundry & circulates hot air more efficiently to dry clothes quicker. This reduces drying times & power consumption by 25% or more!

The BEST non-toxic, allergy & chemical free fabric softener...

The spikes on the balls massage the fabric to soften the clothes while also getting rid of lint & wrinkles. 

There are no perfumed chemical smells or slimy chemical residues left behind on your clothes. Right away your clothes will feel & smell clothesline fresh...nice & soft.

Much better & SAFER than expensive wool dryer balls...

TumbleDry™ lasts longer & is 35% cheaper. 

Wool dryer balls don't have the massaging spikes that soften your clothes. They break apart & can damage or jam your washing machine. They can also worsen wool & lanolin allergies.

Switch from chemical fabric softeners & dryer sheets to TumbleDry™ & see the BIG difference! 


Material: Vinyl PVC
Diameter: 6.7cm
Color:  pink / blue / dark blue
(Note: the color of shipment is random)

Read What Our Customers Have To Say About It..

By Emily on May 22, 2018


"I have issues with our dryer not drying efficiently; to the point where we have to separate a normal load of laundry into 3 loads of drying. I got these as a "nothing else works, why not" but I had no intention of them actually helping. Well, I was wrong! I will always use these. I highly recommend!"

By Sarah on May 18, 2018


“OMG! My hubby said to try them and I thought this was dumb. I Love these balls because they save drying time and they really do fluff your towels, sweaters and blankets. This will be a new thing to give as a gift to friends.”

By Samantha on May 12, 2018


"I got the these a week ago, never believing that they could possibly take the place of fabric softener. But I wanted to try them because my husband was having skin issues, & we wanted to reduce the amount of chemical exposure. Was I surprised! They work great. No quality fade here.Not to mention that we've saved an enormous amount of $$$ on fabric softener. These things pay for themselves in a very short time."

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Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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