RabbitMat™ Portable Toy Storage Mat
RabbitMat™ Portable Toy Storage Mat
RabbitMat™ Portable Toy Storage Mat
RabbitMat™ Portable Toy Storage Mat
RabbitMat™ Portable Toy Storage Mat
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RabbitMat™ Portable Toy Storage Mat

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PARENTS: Keep Kid's Toys Contained and Cleanup Instantly

Ah...children. They can be little angels one moment and then destroy your house the next. 

You love your kids, I love mine, everyone loves theirs.   

But there's one thing I think we can agree upon that none of us "love."

And that's the insane toy messes they make!

You bring out their legos, leave for 10 minutes and - KABAM! 

You come back and it looks like a tornado hit the room.

We parents say enough of that!

If there was a way to keep your child's toys contained and clean them up instantly, what would you do to have it?

Anything of course!

But luckily, you don't have to do anything to have it. It's already here for you.

RabbitMat™ makes your life with children just a "little" easier:

  • Pick Up Toys Fastwith one simple pull of the drawstring, all toys will be in one bag instantly
  • Prevent Messes: your kid's toys will remain on the mat, stopping a widespread mess
  • Keeps Kids Safe: no small pieces to choke on and uses food-grade nylon - it's chemical free
  • Carry Toys Easilywith all toys in one place you can carry them anywhere without a problem
  • Damage Resistant: the ultra-durable nylon material is built to withstand the torment of children for years

Parents Who Can't Get Enough of RabbitMat™

  Great concept!

It does help keep the little foot killers contained, especially when you have wood floors! Can be a bit heavy if you have a ton of heavy toys, but it's a lot better than carrying them all separately or some other way. Thanks!

- snarkymama

  Great bag! Recommend!

Good quality. Great size. Durable and love it has a handle to carry it. For the price you can't get anything better than this honestly. Would recommend, holds a lot of lego!

- Treenz

  Quick, easy, cheap effective!

LOVE IT! It no longer takes me 20+ minutes to clean up all my son's little Lego pieces scattered on the kitchen floor. Super easy to close and stays reasonable tight (pieces won't spill out unless you turn upside down and shake). My only wish is that the lip/edges were a bit more firm to keep the pieces from coming off the mat while playing. But a really great and reasonably priced purchase to keep the mess at bay!

- JA Phillips

  Bigger than expected but works great.

It's a lot bigger than I expected but works great. My kids can pour their legos out and search for what they want and they all stay on the mat! Then just pull the string to pick them up. 

- Kim O.

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Over 29,000 Sold so Far...

There's nothing else out there like it!

Why Smart Parents Choose RabbitMat™

Smart parents choose RabbitMat™ because RabbitMat™ is here for them.

We're here for you.

Here's how RabbitMat™ ends messes, provides fast cleanup, and stays safe for your child:

Contained Toys

No more tornado-like messes across your house. Rigid lips keep children's toys centered on the mat. No longer find toys in the weirdest of places!

Instant Pick Up

All it takes is one quick pull of the drawstring. Your child's toys will be instantly wrapped together in RabbitMat™. So easy, your kid can do it no problem.

Supreme Portability

Let's be honest. When it comes to having a ton of toys its impossible to find something portable. But with RabbitMat™ all your child's toys are in one place. Easily carry them anywhere you need.


RabbitMat™ is made of super strong nylon material. It's built to withstand the wrath of your child and everyone else's. Rest assured knowing you can depend on it for years to come.

Child Friendly

No small pieces...check. Food-grade nylon....check. Chemical free...check. Relax Mom or Dad! Your child is completely safe when using RabbitMat™.

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Product Details

Color: Blue/Pink/Green

Material: Food-Grade Nylon

Size: 140cm Diameter (55.12in Diameter)

Washing: Hand Wash

More Responsible RabbitMat™ Parents


I’m very very happy I bought this! It does exactly what it supposed to do. PERFECT

- Pritik Marala

  Wonderful product

This product is a lifesaver for the parents of an avid Lego builder. My son plays with legos the most so he has a ton, there is nothing worse then stepping on one of those tiny little pieces of pain. He plays with his legos right on this sometimes but most of all so much easier to put away I don’t have to remind him anymore. I love this.

- laura

  Super easy cleanup.

Fantastic! All the neighborhood kids like to come play legos with my son. With this thing, when they are all done they just synch it, and hang it. Easy cleanup!

- AmyMom

We're so sure you'll love your RabbitMat™ Portable Toy Storage Mat, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Stop the Messes, Start Cleaning Up Instantly

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