ToT Wrap™  - The Ultimate Baby Carrier
ToT Wrap™  - The Ultimate Baby Carrier
ToT Wrap™  - The Ultimate Baby Carrier
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ToT Wrap™ - The Ultimate Baby Carrier

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Give Your Baby The Ultimate Comfort...Just Like Being In The Womb!

  • Fits all babies - from newborn to toddler
  • No tear & wraps easily
  • Simple tying styles suit the way you move
  • Breastfeeding-ready anytime & anywhere!
  • Hands-free comfort to explore the world together
  • Lightweight, breathable & machine washable
  • Free from any harmful dyes or chemicals
  • 95% cotton / 5% Spandex for flexible comfort that lasts

Meet the Baby Wrap That's Built to Roam!

From birth to 18 months, nothing takes you farther than the ToT Wrap™...not even your bulky stroller! It’s free of buckles, straps & ties up into the perfect fit every time.

Enjoy the freedom to go! This wrap-style carrier lets you & your baby wander the world together...your voice & heartbeat soothing every step of the way!

Create a Stronger Bond with Your Baby

The ToT Wrap™ is designed to allow your baby to become in tune with your rhythmic breathing while worn chest-to-chest & tummy-to-tummy.

Being close to mom's heartbeat calms a baby like nothing else. ToT Wrap™ enhances bonding as your natural movement rocks your baby to sleep.  

Multipurpose...Makes YOU a Multi-tasking Mom!

Be productive & hands-free to work, run errands & breastfeed your baby on the go without the need for additional accessories!

Play with & care for older children while cuddling your youngest simultaneously. 

YOUR Comfort is Equally Important 

Wearing a baby wrap everyday can put a strain on your neck & shoulders if the baby's weight is not properly distributed. ToT Wrap™ gives you 60 cm - more than other brands - of fabric to spread your baby’s weight across your shoulders.

The snug fit of the stretchy fabric also acts as a postpartum belt, helping you regain your sexy shape! 


  • Studies show that the more babies are held, the less they cry 43% during the day & 51% at night.
  • More constant feeding, touching, eye contact & cuddling releases greater levels of the “Love Hormone” Oxytocin. The more you wear the more you love!
  • Carried babies have enhanced visual & auditory alertness. Carrying a baby promotes cognitive development & speech development.
  • Babies develop a heightened sense of security & trust when carried frequently in a wrap.  

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying...

By Vanessa on June 28, 2018


"I love this wrap! It was cheaper than all other brands, but don't let that fool you! It is very long fabric and a stretchy material but not like a yoga pant. The wrap is very easy to work with. Takes 60 seconds total to get yourself wrapped and another 60 seconds to get the baby in and comfortably positioned. My colic little guy falls right asleep within minutes and immediately calms down! This wrap hugs him tight in all the right places and he sits nice and cozy on my chest, giving my hands the freedom and flexibility to do whatever I need to get done. Get this wrap, you wont be disappointed!"

By Brielle on June 22, 2018


"Absolutely love it! It's so soft and keeps my little one snug and safe. I love it for grocery shopping and anywhere where a bulky stroller won't work.
She just snoozes the whole time."

By Mary Grace on June 8, 2018


"This is the most comfortable baby carrier I've tried. The material is stretchy and sturdy. It takes some practice to get comfortable using it, but baby loves it - it puts her right to sleep. She is 2 months old now and I absolutely swear by this thing. We use it almost daily. I typically wear it around the house to do chores and it's great to have both hands free while also holding my newborn.This is a must have!"

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Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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