Flexible SockAid™
Flexible SockAid™
Flexible SockAid™
Flexible SockAid™
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Flexible SockAid™

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An Excellent Mobility Aid For the Old and the Injured!

Have you struggled putting on your socks? We sometimes take a task as simple as this for granted, but if you've ever had trouble bending down for any reason, putting on a pair of socks can be almost impossible.

We have the solution: the Flexible SockAid™. It's great for anyone with trouble bending over, a senior who's unsteady on his feet, an athlete who hurt her back, a person who broke his leg, someone who's overweight, it's even great for the last few months of pregnancy when the normal size of your feet is a distant memory.

The Flexible SockAid™  comes with several features that making putting on socks simple. The terry cloth outer covering holds the sock firmly in place while the nylon inner covering provides a smooth surface that enables the foot to glide easily into the sock. The two long loop handles are perfect for people with limited hand function, back problems, wheelchair users or people recovering from hip or knee surgery. 

The Flexible SockAid™ will work perfectly with all types of socks including long socks, short socks, ankle socks, and even nylon.


  • 100% new and high quality
  • This flexible sock aid will be a great helper for arthritis and back pain sufferers
  • Soft and smooth nylon surface makes the feet easily go through the trough; and the thick lint effectively prevents sock slipping
  • Comes with a long and flexible plastic cord
  • This special sock aid can be bent to fit any size socks or stockings
  • An excellent accessory for the old who suffer from arthritis


Item Type: Foot Care Tool
Material: ABS and TPR
Approx. Size: 23cm
Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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