InstaSleep™ - Soothing Voice Recorder
InstaSleep™ - Soothing Voice Recorder
InstaSleep™ - Soothing Voice Recorder
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InstaSleep™ - Soothing Voice Recorder

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Do You Want Refreshing, Undisturbed Nights Of Sleep?

This Clever "Sleep Aid" Uses The Latest Scientific Discoveries To Make Your Baby Sleep Instantly.

1000's of parents have already experienced the blessings of InstaSleep™.

Parents that have been in your shoes. Sleep-deprived, the house being a mess and your life that is so different from the days before the baby.

No wonder some of you lose control and get frustrated...

- “My boss gave me a final warning this morning. It’s been weeks since I didn’t get a full night sleep, my brain is breaking down”

- "I lost my temper and put his clothes very rough. And he cried even harder of course. Then my nail accidentally scratched in front of his left ear and he looked at me before crying even louder. I felt so sorry and guilty for having hurt him. I felt like a MONSTER"

- "It makes me frustrated all the time and it’s now ruining my relationship with my husband... I need things to get better because i cant function properly anymore"

You are so freaking tired you can’t think straight.

After the third time you wake up in the middle of the night, exhausted, you want to cry and sob and throw your head against the wall to make the crying stop, but that doesn’t make the crying stop. 

"InstaSleep™ has literally been the answer to my prayers"

It's bringing help to exhausted & frustrated parents by taking advantage of biology.

FACT: Babies like what they're used to. And what's the most familiar to them is YOU!

Watch this baby instantly stop crying after hearing his mother's voice!

They've been hearing your voice since when they were still in the womb.

InstaSleep™ allows you to record your own voice so you can talk to your baby while being away!

How this works is simple:

  1. You record what you want to say to your baby then play one of the 8 white noise sounds to get him/her to sleep.
  2. The Auto-Cry sensor detects when your baby is crying in the night so InstaSleep™ plays the soothing recorded message or white noise.
  3. Being reassured, your baby goes back to sleep instantly while you're having a great time in dreamland.

Here's all it's features:

  • Voice recorder that allows you to record your voice for the most soothing sound to your baby.
  • 8 different white noise sounds, proven to effectively soothe by imitating familiar sounds for them.
  • Auto-Cry sensor that detects your babies cries for you and calms your baby without you having to get out of bed.
  • 15, 30, 45 minutes timer.
  • Adjustable volume.

It's the best way to make your baby sleep and stay asleep all night. Finally giving you some rest!

The secret behind it...

As we said, it's taking advantage of biology by creating the most familiar sound to them, which is your voice.

It's deeply engrained into our brains from day number 1. It's primitive. As soon as they hear this soothing sound, they calm down and feel better.

Any recent research?

Not a lot, but scientists are starting to study this incredible phenomenon because it's effectiveness is groundbreaking.

A research project carried out at Great Ormond Street Hospital, which set out to answer the question of whether it really is listening to the parent's voice that has this soothing effect, or the presence of an attentive adult. Thirty-seven patients under the age of three were “recruited”. Each took part in three 10-minute sessions: one in which they were read to, one in which they were listening to their parent's voice, and one in which they were left alone. What the researchers discovered was “a significant decrease in heart rate and pain level” at the end of the session involving the voice.

Even better, a recent Stanford study has found that the sound of a mother’s voice extends more deeply into the brain than just the auditory centers. Brain scans of children listening to their mother’s voice lit up areas of the brain involved in emotion, reward processing, social functions, the ability to discern what is personally relevant, as well as facial recognition. 

Here's what other parents have to say...

By, Alvin on April 14, 2018


It's with us crib side, during nap time, and even at the zoo. We never leave home without it - InstaSleep™ has gotten us out of so many overtired fits and fussy moments. It's lightweight and clips easily to our stroller too, which is great since wit the baby we already have so many bulky items to tote around. We especially love the option to record your own voice! Our son loves to hear his favorite songs sung by Mommy & Daddy when we can't both be there with him due to work :) When he gets a little rowdy in his crib it kicks on and not only alerts us that he's up or rustling, but soothes him while we get ourselves together. I recommend this product to all my new mama friends, our dog even falls asleep to the white noise too!

By, Sarah on April 26, 2018


We got this because our 4-month-old has been having outbursts in public and we have a really hard time calming her down, the shhhh feature works she stops crying right away its like she’s hypnotized. 

By, Sophie on March 30, 2018


Baby LOVES the heartbeat and shh settings. Most realistic heartbeat/womb sound we have found. Will buy again as a shower gift for friends and family.

By, Scott on April 17, 2018


My 8 month old loves this! I never have trouble putting my little girl down for bedtime anymore. It used to take me almost 30 minutes, now it only takes us a few minutes. This is an essential for parents and their babies!

By, Isabelle on April 23, 2018


Perfect product for my baby as he needs white noise to soothe him for bedtime, I love the option for me to record myself so he can hear my voice to calm him back to sleep. Many other musical options to choose from to relax my son. I am very happy with my purchase !

By, Danielle on April 3, 2018


By, Kevin on April 22, 2017


I purchased this for my newborn photography sessions .I havent had a chance to use it to see how effective it is with babies .. But I have seen it in action with other photographers and it really makes a huge difference .. I tried it out and its really sweet.. it plays a heart beat , music , white noise etc. and its small enough to hide in and around a baby during a session .. This is a must have for photographers !

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