PureRide™ - Advanced Ionic Air Purifier
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PureRide™ - Advanced Ionic Air Purifier

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It’s Like Finland’s Freshest Air - For Your Car!

  • Incredibly fresh air - irradicates bacteria.
  • Shoots “air vitamins”.
  • Easy to use - plug & play.
  • Quiet.
  • Super-compact design.
  • Economical.
  • Thousands already sold - only few units left.

Maybe you can't smell it anymore but... Your car stinks.

This ionic air purifier will filter the air & spit out the purest, freshest air you’ve ever breathed.

PureRide™ produces ozone and anions that instantly eliminate bad odorscommon bacteria and viruses. It's the same technology used in hospitals. It purifies the air from pollen, smoke of any kind, food odor, etc. Letting you take a "forest shower" every time you go in your car!

It doesn't stop there - It shoots "air vitamins" too!

The anion is called "in the air of vitamin" which has been proven beneficial to human health. It reduces coughing, sneezing, and asthma-like symptoms. Now talk about air purification!


*Studies show a 98% reduction in harmful air particles on several dozens of tests with PureRide™.

Even better, it consumes close to no power at all and is very quiet.

Regular Car Air Fresheners Just Try To Ignore The Bad Air Quality By Diffusing a Different (Annoying) Smell!


They don't get rid of the bad particles, they just mask them. Make sure the air in your car is fresh. And no need to diffuse perfume when you eliminate bacterias that cause bad odours with PureRide™.


  • Application Area: <10㎡
  • Size: Length about 8cm, Diameter about 2cm
  • Power Source: Vehicle Power Supply
  • Anion Density: 1000000pcs/m³
  • Ozone Density: 3mg/h
  • Working Voltage : +12v
  • Item Type: Air Freshener/Purifier
  • Material Type: aluminium alloy + plastic

Package include:

1 x PureRide™ ionic air purifier

Read what 1000s of people are saying already:

By Bridget on May 8, 2018


"This is such a cool idea. It is not super obvious at all which is just what I wanted. You plugged in the cigarette lighter. A 12 volt adapter. You just plug and leave it. It glows a blue light. When you are driving you still see blue but that is ok. Parked in a parking lot you still see the blue. It seems to clear the air. I had french fries one day and the car smelled of them! Next day I put this in and the french fry smell was gone. It is kinda cute with the blue light! You know it is always working."

By Nathan on May 5, 2018


"I think everyone has problem with pollen, right? well I do. That's why I bought this product. And let me tell you. This thing actually works. I don't feel irritated while driving anymore. I don't have runny nose or nausea which is caused by pollen. I must say that this product is definitely recommended for those who have pollen problem. Thumbs up."

By Amanda on May 1, 2018


"I bought this because my husband is a smoker. He doesn't smoke with anyone else in the car but it still smells. Since I got this it's made a world of a difference. Can't wait to use it this spring to help with my son's allergies."

By Dave on April 30, 2018


"My girlfriend sprayed this too-sweet perfume in my car and it's making me dizzy when I drive and I can't get rid of it even if I open all the windows. This is my savior! No more too girly scents in my manly car."

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Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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