UpFocal™ Lens Cleaning Pen
UpFocal™ Lens Cleaning Pen
UpFocal™ Lens Cleaning Pen
UpFocal™ Lens Cleaning Pen
UpFocal™ Lens Cleaning Pen
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UpFocal™ Lens Cleaning Pen

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REVOLUTIONARY: New Product Lets You Keep Your Lenses Sparkling Clean!

  • Thoroughly Clean Lenses: get rid of all kinds of mud, dirt, and smudges on your lenses
  • Easy to Carry Anywhere: super compact, lightweight, and easy to hold - fits in your pocket!
  • Outperform Other Cleaners: revolutionary non-liquid and anti-bacterial compound works better than other cleaners
  • Keep Lenses Scratch-Free: soft natural bristles can never damage your lenses
  • Quick Cleaning Method Switch: double-head design allows for instant switch between carbon clean and a fine brush
  • Save Bristles from Damage: when you're not using UpFocal™ you can retract the heads to keep bristles safe from damage

The Only Quick-Switch Lens Cleaner On the Market!

Lens Owners Who Love UpFocal™!

  Quality lens pen.

Quality lens pen. Has a brush side to knock off the dust and sand so you don't scratch the lens(which retracts into the pen body to keep it clean). Also has a microfiberish side to use after you brushed it to get it completely smudge free(which has a cap to keep it clean) Have used it on al my scopes and deals an excellent job. Should help me out for years to come.

- imarebelbutnot

  Nice optics duster

Great retractable brush. Safe to use on my optics, no guessing here! Glad I found out about Upfocal.

- Scooter

  Great tool for cleaning optics

Great tool for cleaning optics. I don't know how I got along without one of these now that I have one. Fingerprints? Gone. Water marks? Gone. Dust/dirt/sand? Gone. Any new scratches? Nope. Follow the instructions and you will enjoy clean glass from now on.

- John Wise

  You'll want more than one!

First tried one of these when I saw someone use one on a photographic safari. Pretty awesome to have when you are in the field. I bought 3. One to carry with my binoculars while birding, one for the camera case, and a spare. Blow at your lens first, brush with the soft brush, than clean any oils away with flat end. Works great and fast!

- VWelsh

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Over 21,300 Lens Cleaners Sold so Far!

Why Smart Outdoorsmen Like You Choose UpFocal™

When you're outdoors taking pictures or hunting for game, the last thing you need is a dirty lens. 

Imagine, you finally got the opportunity to take the perfect shot.

You whip out your camera only to see a giant smudge across the lens.

Or you take out your rifle and discover a dirty fingerprint on the scope.

So quickly you wipe the smudge off and look up to see that you're opportunity has passed.

And that perfect picture moment is gone forever...

DON'T let dirty lenses ruin these amazing opportunities.

With UpFocal™ Lens Cleaning Pen, you can keep your lenses sparkling clean - ready for moments like this!

Carbon Cleaner

The carbon head uses molecular technology to give your lens an incredible clean. 

Take off any and all muck.

Fine Finish Brush

Provide your lenses with the ultimate shine using the fine finish brush.

Your lenses will sparkle and your view will be clearer. 

Retractable Functionality

When you're not using UpFocal™, just retract the heads into the pen.

That way the premium bristles are always safe from dirt and damage. 

Amazing Portability

Compact? Check. Ergonomic? Check. Lightweight? Check.

UpFocal™ is the size of a regular pen and fits in your pocket! Take it everywhere with you without being a burden. 

Instant Switch

Change back and forth between the carbon clean and fine finish whenever you need to. 

The red switch makes instantly changing cleaning methods a breeze.

UpFocal™ is Only Available on Dealiciously.com

Product Details

Material: plastic

Weight: 18 grams

Color: black and red

Quantity: 1 pc

More Happy UpFocal™ Users!

  The Lens Pen worked great on my hunt...

This Lens Pen worked great on my hunt this year. It helped keep the Arizona desert dust and sand off of my lens. The wind would kick up dust on my lens. I then used this pen to easily wipe it away.

- Michael

  No better way

I have not found a better way to clean my binocular lenses. The product works well and is easy to carry in the field. Also useful for cleaning other lenses. This was a replacement for one purchased many years ago.

- CousinJo

  Very good product

Just got done with a 7 day Bull Elk hunt (morning, evening, and all day long sometimes) through thick mahogany trees, sagebrush, juniper, dust, dirt, snow, rain, etc etc. After the hunt, ALL of my optics were filthy. Dirt, dust, soda, coffee, sneeze debri, you name it and there was some of it on my lenses. 85mm spotting scope, 42mm binocs, 50mm binocs, rangefinder. Used this slick little cleaning device following the instructions and they all look brand new without a scratch on them. Really impressed! You have to use your breath condensation in conjunction with the cleaning tip to get some of the thicker, harder to remove spots. And the rest is a breeze. Another phenomenal product from UpFocal...

- Mike

We're so sure you'll love your UpFocal™ Lens Cleaning Pen, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Don't keep your lenses dirty any longer. Give them a good clean with UpFocus™ and avoid costly damage!

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