Spinamic™ Lumbar Back Support Cushion
Spinamic™ Lumbar Back Support Cushion
Spinamic™ Lumbar Back Support Cushion
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Spinamic™ Lumbar Back Support Cushion

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STOP Damaging Your Back - Give Your Lumbar the Support it Needs!

  • Supports Lower Back: durable and revolutionary design keeps your lumbar supported while sitting
  • Improves Posture: a scientifically proven build aligns your spine to straighten your posture
  • Keeps You Cool: the special mesh grills allows efficient airflow through the cushion
  • Easy to Take Anywhere: lightweight and portable make lets you carry Spinamic™ around with ease
  • Fits Almost Any Seat: developed with compatibility in mind to use in your car, office, home, and more

Over 17,300 Backs Supported so Far!

Relieved Spinamic™ Users Who Love It!

  Spinamic replaced my husband

Perfect. It was sent from heaven to enhance my productivity at work! My coworkers are now envious of my awesome posture and positive outlook on life. Who needs ice cream when you can have the comforts of a lovers embrace while working long hours at a desk?! It's so versatile! I quickly discovered I can use it as a shield from unwanted advances, lay my head on it for a quick power nap while it applies the perfect amount of pressure to my temples, and even wear it on my back for next level Lumbar support when I leave my desk for meetings. Spinamic has altered my workplace forever, for the better. Would highly recommend.

- Moose Wylde

 This has helped me a great deal

This has been great and I will probably get another. I use this in my vehicle. Last summer I have a bulging disk that took me from riding bike to work to a hospital stay of 4 days. Since I do not want an operation physical therapy resulted in a better understanding that my posture was a huge contributor to my problem. I ordered more than a few of these lumber supports and this one stood out. It supports me on short and long rides, holds onto the seat and doesn't fall out anywhere, easy to install and i will probably order another for my work vehicle. I will have bulging disks for the rest of my life but something as simple as this will help keep me out of the hospital.

- James H.

  I love this back support

I love this back support! I use it higher than the lumbar so it pushes my shoulders back. It's easy to move up and down depending on where you want it to connect with your back. Support is beaded, giving it a second healthful element. Sturdy. well made. Good product.

- VB

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Why People Like You Always Choose Spinamic™ 

Let's face it, many of us sit around with pretty bad posture.

I'll even admit I catch myself slouching in my chair almost every day.

This may not seem like a big deal in the moment. But it can often lead to severe consequences in the future.   

You most likely already know someone, or are someone who has back issues. 

Therefore you're already well aware of how debilitating it can be. 

So why not put a stop to it?

Do you really want to keep damaging your back?

Of course not. But sitting properly can be so difficult with how uncomfortable most chairs are.

That's where Spinamic™ comes in to help save your lower back from pain.

With Spinamic™ you can turn even the most uncomfortable seat into a comfortable one.

And it works 24/7 to keep your back supported and your spine aligned.

It comes with a ton of features to alleviate or prevent your lower back pain for good.

Here's how Spinamic™ stops you from experiencing extreme discomfort:

Premium Lumbar Support

There a lot of "back support cushions" out there. But few actually work. And the ones that do are expensive. You shouldn't have to pay a ton of money to relieve your back.

Spinamic™ provides you with back pain alleviation medically proven to be effective. The calculated curve design works together to give you the ultimate back support.  

Massage-Like Experience

Enjoy more than just an aligned spine and supported lower back. 

Spinamic™ comes with raised node padding giving you a massage-like experience as well. 

The nodes press into your back in a pleasurable manner that rids your body of tension. It's similar to acupuncture methods but without the needles or pain!

Pro-Airflow Design

Each back support cushion was made with a mesh grill body. The mesh promotes efficient airflow through the cushion.

As a result your back will stay 100% cool while sitting during the day. Don't get a gross and sweaty back using other support cushions.

Fantastic Portability

A lightweight and compact design makes Spinamic™ easy to take anywhere. 

Pick it up and take it with you instantly. 

There's no hassle and no "lugging" around. It's like holding a feather!

Made to be Compatible

Spinamic™ was built to work with all kinds of seats in every location.

Take it to your job. Take it in your car. Use it in your home. It doesn't matter!

No matter where you want to use Spinamic™, you can.

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Product Details

Color: Black

Material: Mesh Fabric

Size: Approx. 40 x 40 cm

More Happy Spinamic™ Users!

  Best upgrade for my car ever

Best upgrade for my car ever. I drive 80+ miles every day to and from work, and can't imagine how I lived without this thing. Never again will I not have one.

- JK not Rowling

  I like the lumbar support a lot

I like the lumbar support a lot! It's comfortable & easy to put on/take off the seat (2011 Chevy Express big van). It was recommended by a family member.

- tskanagas

 I can tie my own shoes again!

I drive for a living and have a tendency to slouch in my seat, because of that I have had major back problems for over a year to the point where I could hardly walk. The muscles in my lower back locked up and pulled the muscles in my shoulders all the way down to the bottoms of my feet out of place. I can't tell you how useless it makes you feel to have your girlfriend tie your shoe because you can't bend over without stabbing pain. I purchased this product with skepticism because for over a year nothing helped not even prescription medication. After using this lumbar support for a few months my back and legs are nearly pain free, the strap holds it in perfect position in my truck seat and keeps me from slouching. It's extremely comfortable and cool, I live in south Florida and the mesh keeps air flowing behind my back so I'm not sweating to death. I have to give it a 10 as far as durability goes as well, I drive for 12 hrs a day getting in and out of my truck and so far it has held up without any problems at all. I'm also 6'7" and weigh 235 lbs so this product can handle the bigger guys out there. I have to say thank you to the people who make this product and sell it at an unbelievable value. Thanks for helping me get my life back!

- Wraith 3845

  I want to buy two more

Bought one for work, immediately brought it home w/ me so I can use it here. Did not realize how much strain I was putting on my back by sitting on these cushy couches. What "feels nice" when I sink into the couch is NOT good for my back. What really helps is that this thing stands out and supports the curve of your back, gives you a very comfortable firm surface to support you. I've used the concave back supports before, and thought they helped. This one is convex, and it works better.

- K Zander

We're so sure you'll love your Spinamic™ Lumbar Back Support Cushion, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Don't wait any longer to support your back. Improve your posture and end back pain now!

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