KnotOne™ All-In-One Quick Knot Tool
KnotOne™ All-In-One Quick Knot Tool
KnotOne™ All-In-One Quick Knot Tool
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KnotOne™ All-In-One Quick Knot Tool

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 Just Released: Easily Tie the Perfect Knot - Every Time

Let me ask you a simple question, do you want your fishing experience to be enjoyable?

If not then you might as well just stop reading.

But if you do, then you're in luck. Because that's the main mission behind KnotOne™.

KnotOne™ makes your experience enjoyable because it takes the hassle out of fishing. 

You want to sit back and relax all day, not spend time fiddling with messed up lines. 

I understand that, and that's why we've developed KnotOne™ for fisherman just like you and I.

  • Tie Knots Fastnever fail to tie the perfect knot again with the quick knot tool
  • Cut Excess Lines: heavy duty clippers let you cut lines with ease
  • Keep Hooks Sharp: a built-in sharpener is there for when you need to hone your hooks
  • Clean Eye Holes: keep your eye holes shiny using the cleaning needle
  • No Glare Distraction: a sleek black finish prevents glare from messing up your focus
  • Convenient Placement: the strategically place D-ring allows you to keep KnotOne™ on your lanyard so it's never lost

Fisherman Who Can't Get Enough of KnotOne™

  Great combo for the price, actually trims braided line

I used the tool to tie several braid to mono splices and then used the clippers to trim the tag ends off completely. It made a very strong connection that is a very small knot that can be easily reeled through the eyes of your rod if you want to have a really long leader. I tied one with 25lb braid to 25lb mono and trimmed them with the tool so you can see how clean it trims (see picture). I definitely recommend this little tool and zinger combo. It costs less than a lot of zingers alone and is definitely cheaper than the Tie-fast knot tool alone.

- Balanced Life

  Glad I didn't get a Dunk'n gift card instead!

Bought this as an office holiday gift for a fisherman on my staff, after asking some other fishermen for ideas. He was beyond thrilled! Not only is it apparently accurate that these things are frequently needed and it's great to have more than one, but the fact that this one shouldn't get lost in the water seemed to be a nifty bonus. If anyone reading this is looking for a stocking stuffer or similar small gift, then I can't recommend this highly enough. Your fisherperson will definitely like it.

- Steregh

  I bought this tool for my wife, and she...

I bought this tool for my wife, and she approves of all its uses. I've used before the zinger that comes with the tool, and it's effective and long-lasting. Eighty days of fishing and still zinging.

- Alex W.

  Five Stars

Good design and very handy. I can't believe I've gone so long without a tool like this.

- Trevor Parker

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Over 21,000 Sold So Far!

Don't Be Left Behind Using Outdated Tools

Why Smart Fishermen Like You Choose KnotOne™

Fisherman who want to improve their experience have been flocking to KnotOne™.

And there's a reason for this. 

Interested in getting rid of fishing stress with an all-in-one tool that can fit in your back pocket?

Of course you are, if not you wouldn't still be here!

Here's how KnotOne™ streamlines your fishing adventures:

Quick Knot

You just wanna' go out there and fish! Not spend 30 minutes trying to tie a good knot! The quick knot tool lets you tie perfect knots in a few minutes or less. 

Heavy Duty Clippers

Don't let excess lines get in the way. Cut them with ease using the heavy duty clippers. 


Keep your hooks ridiculously sharp with the built in sharpener.  

Eye Hole Cleaner

Many fisherman can't clean their eye holes properly. This leads to a lot of dirt build up. Clean yours easily with the built-in cleaning needle. 


The D-ring let's you attach KnotOne™ to a lanyard or similar piece. This way you can keep track of your valuable tool. 

Anti-Glare Finish

KnotOne's sleek black finish keeps glare at bay. Don't let shine distract you from a successful fish. 

9 Quick Steps to Tie the Perfect Knot

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Product Details

Material: Stainless Steel, Copper Rivet
Nipper Weight: 11g/pc
Zinger Weight: 16g/pc
Nipper Size: 65mm x 10mm

Package Includes:

1*Fishing Line Nipper               

1*Fishing Zinger Retractor

Paper Instructions

More Happy KnotOne™ Users!

  Great value combo

Best bang for the bucks for the beginner or novice. Does its various jobs pretty well and is a handy little tool :)

- D. Anthony

  Pretty happy

Was really excited to get my hands on this. The zinger works well. Was yanking on it hard too. Also the tie tool works very well because of the end shape, making it easy to make a good knot even with smaller fishing lines. Lastly the nipper was good, not something a toe nail clipper couldn't do but it's a nice addition. Keeping this tool, would recommend. 

- idontknow

  Good Working Tool

Delivery was fast. Tying tool and line cutter tool is functioning well. Easy to do uni knot ,just the right size. Cutter can do well on braided line...thanks!

- allen

We're so sure you'll love your KnotOne™ All-In-One Quick Knot Tool, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Don't settle for having many hard-to-use tools any longer. Let KnotOne™ make your fishing experience 10 times easier.

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