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Instant Removal
Instant Removal
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Instant Removal

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Instant Removal is an ergonomic, pain-free hair removal device with four floating heads!

Instant Removal is a dermatologically tested device used to remove hair from even small delicate areas around the ankles and knees, using heads that can move along every curve of your body. The product comes fitted with LED lights that help provide that much-needed light source that one requires in order to operate this device even in the dark without getting cuts or bruises. This device also uses groundbreaking technology to prevent one’s skin from irritation.

Any Age; Any Skin

There are various kinds of skin types all over the world and different skin variants can react differently to one particular product. Bearing this in mind, the manufacturers of Instant Removal made sure that their device works perfectly well for your skin no matter how delicate or fragile it may be. The quality of materials used in the manufacture of this device is of premium standard, bearing in mind the wide cross-section of population exposed to its use.

Gold-plated Contact

Using shaving devices regularly against one’s skin can cause considerable damage to sensitive skin, especially if the materials used are not user-friendly. That is the reason why Instant Removal has been constructed bearing this in mind, and uses inert materials to construct parts in full contact with the skin during hair removal. The heads involved in shaving the hair off of one’s skin comprises of the highest quality of gold plating that does not react with any skin type whatsoever.

Fits in One’s Palm

Usually, a device for the purpose of hair removal comes with a body that is bulky and weighted. This makes the process of removing hair from the surface of one’s skin rather cumbersome and laborious. Instant Removal has been specially designed to make the hair removal process smooth and hassle-free, by giving it a compact and defined shape to fit right into one’s palm with utmost ease.


Quite often, devices of this nature can be made from substances that are either corrosive or unfriendly to one’s skin in various ways. However, while making Instant Removal, the developers of this product made sure that there was nothing about this device known to irritate one’s skin. All materials used, from the shaving heads to the outer body housing the device, are made keeping all skin types in mind and ensuring that there is no toxic component present within.


  • Ergonomic design
  • Doesn’t nick, cut, or irritate
  • No water or soap needed
  • Rechargeable
  • Works for any skin type
Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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