Golfind™ Glasses
Golfind™ Glasses
Golfind™ Glasses
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Golfind™ Glasses

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NY Times journalist Bill Pennington estimates Americans alone lose 300 million golf balls per year at an estimated cost of $1.3 billion dollars! If you lose just 2 balls per round and only play 3 times per month then you're losing around $288 of golf balls every year.

Golfind™ glasses use a special blue lens to turn everything on the course blue except your lost golf balls, which appear radiantly white. Spot your lost balls in bunkers, over-growth and the rough with ease.

But the real value in the Golfind™ glasses comes from how many lost golf balls from other players you're going to find. Never buy another golf ball again.

✓ Turn everything blue except your ball which pops out in bright white.

✓ Works with all golf balls. No special balls required.

✓ Find balls in grass, sand, rough, over-growth and even shallow water


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Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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