EzWaist™ Fitness Belt Bag
EzWaist™ Fitness Belt Bag
EzWaist™ Fitness Belt Bag
EzWaist™ Fitness Belt Bag
EzWaist™ Fitness Belt Bag
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EzWaist™ Fitness Belt Bag

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STOP Using Fanny Packs! Keep Items Discreetly Stored During Workouts

  • Fits Any Waist Size: elastic material allows EzWaist™ to fit to your waist no matter the size
  • Waterproof Protection: anti-liquid PVC protects your electronics from rain and spills
  • Prevent Phone Scratches: double pockets allow you to keep your phone separate from other items (such as keys)
  • Withstands All Activities: durable and built to last through everything from running to mountain climbing 
  • Holds Large Phones: pockets can hold phones up to a 6.3 inch screen size - yes, even the Galaxy S9+ fits

Fitness Fanatics Who Love EzWaist™

  Extreamly Good quality I returned 4 belts trying...

Extreamly Good quality I returned 4 belts already trying to find a Good one that don't look cheap and bulky and fits my Samsung galaxy Note 8 it even has more room in it for other things so the pockets of this belt are Good big enough for phone keys money credit cards I was expecting less then this belt because of all the other belts I purchased in so happy with this for the gym all around Good I Would definitely recommend this Ezwaist double pocket belt to people five star  it's a steal no lie you'll be happy because I am. JUST BUY IT.

- Perple

  Awesome value & product!

I love this belt. I use it everyday. this belt fully extended to fit comfortably. it holds my bulky phone and has left over space too. great buy

- L. Carr

  Big pockets, fits bigger waistline...

So far I'm pretty satisfied! I'm of average size and I wear it all the way tightened up, so if you're bigger, it should fit fine...and if you're smaller it should still fit good. Pockets are REALLY roomy, I have an iPhone 6s in an otterbox and it fits great! Also easy run your earbuds through!

- Kaara S.

  Great Alternative to Fannypack!

I have always liked the ability to carry personal items easily when hiking or running, but we all know the stigma of the fanny pack! This is a great alternative to carry items securely and comfortably, and not look awkward doing it.

- Chris S.

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Over 17,000 EzWaist's Sold so Far!

Why Smart Athletes Like You Choose EzWaist™

When participating in a fitness activity such as running, there are usually 2 scenarios.

1. You keep your items in your pocket. Cue the constant pulling your shorts up and checking to see if your phone's still there.

2. Or you have a pretty noticeable fanny pack. Nice - now your items are secure. But you look goofy and can't run without it bouncing up and down.

These are the common issues that annoy you, me, and every other exerciser on the planet.

Lucky for us...EzWaist™ is the solution to this age old battle.

With EzWaist™ you can keep your items secure while being discreet at the same time.

Here's how it works for you:

One Size Fits All

The elastic material making up the belt bag is built to fit all waist sizes. Whether big or small, you can be sure EzWaist™ will fit you just right.


Waterproof PVC keeps all your items safe. Spill your water or get caught in a rainstorm...it won't matter. EzWaist™ has your items protected.

Double Pockets

Don't let your phone get scratched up by keys and other items during tough workouts. Finally keep your phone in a separate pocket safe from damage.

Lots of Space

Each pocket in EzWaist was designed to secure even the largest of consumer phones. You can keep your phone protected up to a 6.3 inch screen size!

Discreet Build

Skinny, flat, and barely noticeable. Keep EzWaist™ under your shirt if you'd like. It won't be an obstacle, and it won't bring curious eyes your way.

EzWaist™ is Only Available on Dealiciously.com

Product Details

Material: PVC

Gender: unisex

Length: 120cm (47.2in)

More Happy EzWaist™ Users!

  Love this fitness belt

This is a great fitness belt. I purchased this because I was looking for a fitness belt that fit better around my hips and not my waist as that is more comfortable for me. It's great to wear to the gym and eliminates me needing to get a locker etc, because I can just keep my key fob and phone on me, plus listen to music with wireless headphones and have a nice place to keep my phone (since the pockets in women's workout attire are WAY too tiny for a Samsung Galaxy 6!). It also is water/sweat-proof- a great feature that I haven't seen in other belts. 

- Ashely Brooke

  Great Solution to No Pockets

Great solution to basketball shorts with no pockets. I used to carry around a nike bag for my wallet and keys when heading out in basketball shorts. I was initially looking into an arm band, but I wanted something discreet so I gave this a shot. I really was skeptical on how low profile and discreet this belt would be with items in place. Not only is the belt discreet (tried it on with compression shirt over it)...it's comfortable too. Great purchase.

- Yusuf

  This is a really good deal.

This is a really good deal. I paid $30 for a Nathan running belt but I never really liked it because it was a bit bulky and the tightening straps hung down loosely. I used to secure them with a rubber band but it got to be a hassle. This running belt is very minimal but holds my Nexus 6 just fine. It's also very thin and dries better than the neoprene-type material of the Nathan belt. Highly recommended!

- K. Moon

We're so sure you'll love your EzWaist™ Fitness Belt Bag, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Keep items safe and secure without compromising your appearance.


Hurry, only 12 left at this price!

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