SafeSeat™ Foldable Child Car Safety Seat
SafeSeat™ Foldable Child Car Safety Seat
SafeSeat™ Foldable Child Car Safety Seat
SafeSeat™ Foldable Child Car Safety Seat
SafeSeat™ Foldable Child Car Safety Seat
SafeSeat™ Foldable Child Car Safety Seat
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SafeSeat™ Foldable Child Car Safety Seat

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Protect Your Child, Take It Anywhere

  • Keep Your Kid Safe: complies with International Safety Standards including an R44.4 ultra-safe design
  • Carry It Anywhere: foldable, lightweight, and compact - easily move it everywhere you go
  • Extremely Comfortable: soft material molds to your child's seating position keeping them cozy
  • Stays Cool When Hot: heat resistant fabric dissipates heat quickly so the seat stays cool even in hot weather
  • Simple to Set Up: just place it on your desired seat and unfold it, that's all it takes to use
  • Save Money: high grade polyester keeps SafeSeat™ in mint condition for up to 8 years, no need to replace seats

Responsible Parents Who Protected Their Children

  Really easy to take on trips.

Really easy to take on trips. It is as compact as they say. My 4.5 year old can buckle herself in. We were in a car accident the 3rd time we used this and she was able to walk away with just a tiny rub burn on her shoulder from the seatbelt. So I would say this did its job.

- Crystal S.

  These are amazing. We bought two one...

These are amazing. We bought two one for our 6 year old and the other for our 8 year old. Both were able to easily use. They are so compact and easy to carry. We traveled across country and just put one in each child's backpack. I'll be keeping one in the car as a backup if we have any other little ones that we are cruising around with. Well worth the cost, especially for the kid on the go.

- Heather

  A great purchase for our recent vacation!

Bought this last week because we were taking a trip to Atlanta. Lugging around a booster chair to places like the zoo just didn't seem like a legit solution, but my son just turned four, is 43 inches tall and 43lbs, so I didn't want to go without a carseat. It was super fast to set up in the cars, and he was very secure. It really is such a smart design, it was a cinch to grab and go. I'll use my kid's regular carseat for day to day travel, but will definitely keep this handy for future trips.

- Lawson6

  Very easy to use and store

Very easy to use and store! I will now be keeping this in my car as an extra seat when my nieces want to pile three across in the back seat of my sedan with 3 booster seats. Perfect for an extra boost on plane rides as well so I am definitely looking forward to not having to lug any extra carry-ons around anymore as this fits in my daughters back pack.

- Sarah Weinstein

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SafeSeat™ is the #1 Recommended Car Seat by The Child Car Safety Coalition (CCSC)

Why Smart Parents Like You Choose SafeSeat™

You love your children, I love mine, everyone loves theirs...that's obvious.

So why wouldn't you give your kids top-notch protection all while making your life easier on the go?

There's no reason not to, it's a win-win!

Big, clunky car seats are safe, but impractical to carry around. While small car seats are portable, but severely lack safety.

SafeSeat™ combines the best of both worlds to provide you with the ultimate car's how:


SafeSeat™ holds an R44.4 design and complies with International Safety Standards. Not to mention it's the only portable seat endorsed by The Child Car Safety Coalition.

Rest assured knowing that with it's strategic three-point design, your child is shielded from danger.  


The fabric used in the car seat is both soft and heat resistant. Your child will be comfortable and cool, even during the hottest of days. 


Super-compact design. Lightweight build. Foldable infrastructure.

SafeSeat™ is as portable as they come. Take it in any car, train, or airplane without any trouble. 


High grades polyester makes up the frame of SafeSeat™. Your car seat is guaranteed to last up to 8 years.

Don't waste anymore money constantly replacing booster seats. 


When you want to use SafeSeat™ for you child, simply lay it down and unfold it.

It's that easy

Disclaimer: SafeSeat™ and are not responsible for any harm to users if not set up properly. We guarantee if properly used, your child will remain safe. However, it is up to you to follow instructions and drive safely.

Over 17,000 parents have ordered SafeSeat™ for their children!

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8 Easy Steps to Use SafeSeat™

Product Details

Recommended Max Usage Weight: 50 kg (110 Lbs)

Recommended Age Usage: 2.5 - 12 years old

Fixation Type: Three-Point Harness

Item Size: 24*12*4.5 cm (9.4*5*2 in)        

Item Weight: 1 kg (2 Lbs)

Material: High Grade Polyester

More Parents Who Can Protect Their Kids Anywhere

  A+ For Air Travel and Car Use

This seat is amazing and saves space in two ways:
1. Folded up, it travels easily.
2. In a car, it takes no more space that a booster-less child does, so you can seat three kids in one row.
I always have a couple of mifolds in my car, so I can transport my kids' friends.
This little seat fits between two "regular" booster seats in the third row of my Honda Pilot. Not a single other seat can do this.

- Reader B.

  Exactly as described. Would recommend for toddlers!

I am the mother of three children and was very impressed with this idea. We travel often and lugging around 2 or 3 booster seats just is not practical. I have even been some places where the taxi drivers will not allow your toddler in unless you have a booster seat, so this is ideal. My older children were fine with this booster and it definitely did its job. I would definitely recommend this for those reasons.

- Audrey 

  I can not say enough good things about this booster

I can not say enough good things about this booster. My 2 older kids were in theirs when we were in our accident, and they were safe. I know it won't be like that always, but for now- I can say these are 100% safe, as long as you use them correctly, and they are super convenient! My 3 older kids are all in them too. All fit just fine in the back seat of our van, and the best part- is that they can all buckle themselves!

- Pratika Marala

We're so sure you'll love your SafeSeat™ Foldable Child Car Safety Seat you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Keep your children safe AND your life convenient.

Warning: Supply is running out fast. Get Yours Before They're Gone!

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