ChainHawk™ Multi-Purpose Survival Tomahawk
ChainHawk™ Multi-Purpose Survival Tomahawk
ChainHawk™ Multi-Purpose Survival Tomahawk
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ChainHawk™ Multi-Purpose Survival Tomahawk

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Small Size, Huge Power - the Ultimate Compact Tomahawk!

  • Slice Through Material: the only A+ hardness rated compact tomahawk under $300
  • Use for a Variety of Tasks: cut through branches, chop up meat, defend against threats - ChainHawk™ does it all
  • Forget Constant Sharpening: with a 57 HRC hardness rating, you can be sure your tomahawk won't wear
  • Feels Like Holding a Feathera lightweight 440c stainless steel build makes ChainHawk™ virtually weightless
  • Have Amazing Control: the compact design allows you to keep a firm grip over the tomahawk

Axes and Tomahawks by Hardness Rating

HRC Rating Price ($)
Frozen Steel Battle Axe 59


ChainHawk™ Tomahawk 57 On Sale $44.95
Cutlery North Tomahawk 57 $245
Tazors Tactical Tomahawk 56 $230
Jericho Bench Axe 54 $130
AG90 Woods Tomahawk 51 $80

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Outdoorsmen Who Can't Get Enough of ChainHawk™

  Super light!

Super light! And I don't care HOW this thing hits someone, they are going down lmao. This is a sick little tomahawk. First thing I did upon opening the box, was throw it at the wall lol. It was sharp and light enough to stick. And it did leave a hell of a gash in the wall, which is what matters most. Haha.

- Thomas F.

  Excellent design. Beautiful quality.

Very high quality. It is made all in one piece so the shaft is not likely to break from the head. It is not as long as most tomahawks are & will not have as good leverage for throwing or hacking. It should react faster & have better control up close though. They are very, very sharp. You could shave with them. People with smaller hands who want a light weight, multiple use, hawk will probably love them. Just be really, really careful. It is no toy.

- S. E. Martin

  It is awesome. i found the heft

As some of the other reviewers mentioned, this is a compact tomahawk. But as a defensive tool or handy tool to keep in the car/truck, it is awesome. I found the heft, feel of the handle and balance to be almost perfect, if not perfect. The para-cord handle is rough enough to add grip and feels perfect. The diameter of the grip fits my hand very well and I am sure it would be great even if wet. The axe ships sharpened, and comes with a Lexan-type case which has a flip down safety latch. The case is a little bulky with the belt grips but it's not worth deducting a star. Definitely a keeper.

- name

  Awed by the quality

This tomahawk is smaller than I thought it would be. With that said, it will easily fit in a backpack. Make no mistake, you will not (and should not) cut a cord of firewood with this. It's made for self defense and extraction. It will do very nicely for trimming small branches or cutting up kindling. The construction is just amazing. One solid peice of tool steel! No rivets or screws. Nothing to work loose. This goes with me along with the Glock when I go up in the mountains to hunt grouse. So far so good on this. I will take on several long hikes to walk the dog and see how it does. 

- Ray R. Zielova

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Conquer the Great Outdoors with ChainHawk™ by Your Side

What Makes ChainHawk™ Tomahawk Superior

Who says a powerful tomahawk needs to be bulky and heavy?

We say different!

Get out there and waltz through the outdoors like it's no big deal.

Here's why ChainHawk™ is the best tomahawk for you:


When you use ChainHawk™, you know you have the highest quality build. With 440C stainless steel and a 57 hrc rating, you can be sure your tomahawk will last a lifetime.


ChainHawk™ is the only A+ sharpness rated compact tomahawk on the market that can be found for under $300. This means easy cutting at a premier price.


At 312 grams (including packaging), ChainHawk™ has all you want while remaining light. Who says you can't have tough and lightweight? We believe you can, and you will!


Small while remaining powerful. At a length of 24cm, ChainHawk™ still packs the power of a battle axe. Carry it out around like it's nothing, or keep it discretely hidden.


Chop up branches, slice through meat, protect yourself against danger. Whatever you need ChainHawk™ for, it'll always be up for the task.

Disclaimer: does not condone illegal activity of any kind. We bear no responsibility for any damage caused intentionally or unintentionally by the use of ChainHawk™. Always follow federal, state and local laws whenever using ChainHawk™.

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Product Details

Full Length: 24cm  
Blade Dimensions: 10.5cm x 8.8cm x 4.2mm
Weight: 312g (including packaging)
Blade Material: 440C stainless steel
Hardness: 56HRC

More Happy ChainHawk™ Users

  Fantastic little hatchet for...

Fantastic little hatchet for just about anything you could imagine. Fits perfectly on my go-bag for weekender trips into the scrub, and is fighting for a permanent place on my battle belt as a knife replacement. Solid design, good balance for throwing, yet nimble enough to slice and dice dinner. Hold an edge beautifully. I'll be getting more as gifts. 

- Trevasaurus Rex

  Worth it

Great for EMT, law enforcement etc. Could be used to cut a seatbelt, pry a stick vehicle door and can be thrown accurately. I’m a woodsman myself and have thrown this for sport and used it to chop up kindling

- Samuel norris

  small size is a good thing

Balance is extraordinary. Some have remarked that it is small, as if that is a bad thing. It is small. But the balance makes it extremely powerful. I have struck many different objects with it, including oak and madrone, and buried it to the hilt every time. It wouldn't go in any deeper if it were longer. The small size makes it convenient to carry on your belt. It also attaches beautifully to my bug out bag, without hanging below the bottom of the bag where it would catch on things.

- Heiland Hoff

We're so sure you'll love your ChainHawk™ Multi-Purpose Survival Tomahawk, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

Ditch bulky tomahawks. Get yourself a compact axe with an incredible punch!

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