Trackzoid™ Bendable Glowing Race Track
Trackzoid™ Bendable Glowing Race Track
Trackzoid™ Bendable Glowing Race Track
Trackzoid™ Bendable Glowing Race Track
Trackzoid™ Bendable Glowing Race Track
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Trackzoid™ Bendable Glowing Race Track

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PARENTS: Your Child Will Thank You for this New Bendable Glow Toy Kit!

  • GLOWS in the Dark: track pieces capture attention with a stunning glow
  • Create Your Own Shapes: flexible and bendable so that you can build tracks however you want
  • Add Customizable Pieces: spice up your track with extra cool accessory pieces 
  • Snaps Together With Easecombining track sections together is simple for anyone to do
  • Clean Up Fasttakes seconds to clean up, just roll up the track!

Over 21,000 Sold so Far!

Flexible AND Bendable

Trackzoid's special serpentine design allows for ultimate customization. Each piece can bend or twist to suit your child's needs. 

This means that you can create tracks to look however you want them to look. Whether you desire infinite circles or insane curves, you can create what you want. 

Let your child unleash their creativity as they build their own track!

Track and Cars GLOW in the Dark!

What child doesn't love glow in the dark toys? I can't think of any at all!

Each track piece glows when the lights are off. Your child's attention will be captured by the aura. And each car comes with 5 LED lights that shine bright as they zoom around the tracks. 

Kids can't get enough of it. The lights are just too cool!

Easy to Create, Easy to Clean

We understand that for your child to have a fun experience, there shouldn't be any frustrations involved. So we made it easy for kids to put the pieces together.

Each individual track piece snaps right on to the other. It's a simple process that anyone can do, guaranteed! 

And when you're done racing around the cars with your kids, clean up is fast. Simply roll up the track and store it wherever you'd like.

It can be done in seconds.

Durable Enough to Deal with Your Child's Wrath!

Things tend to break. That's just an unfortunate reality. Especially children's toys. But just because they're young doesn't mean toys should be made cheap.

You deserve a toy that can take on the playful beating of kids. And we gave it to you.

Trackzoid™ is not only super fun, but also durable. You're spending hard earned money on someone you love. So you need to have a toy that's worth it. 

Part of worth is the ability to last. And Trackzoid™ is guaranteed to last.  

Warning: This product contains small pieces. It is not suitable for children under 3 years old.

Product Details

Material: High-Durability Plastic

Colors: Random

Battery: LED Cars Require AAA Batteries

Package Includes:

Varies depending on your choice. See the "Choose Your Kit!" dropdown menu above for details.

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Awesome Parents Whose Kids Love Trackzoid™

  Colorfully fun

I actually bought this for my grandson; truly I did! :) The car takes 3-Aaa batteries but it scoots faster than the add-on jeeps I bought that required 1-Aa. This will catch up to them and scoot them along but it’s all good. It’s as advertised and the track is flexible but it says track is glow in the dark. It does glow in the dark and looks quite nice. The track sides are high enough to keep the cars in. I’m going to pick up a cheap pool noodle for a ramp and a tunnel. I recommend!

- Lissaaan

  Great birthday gift!

We bought 2 sets as a birthday gift for our 7 year old niece after she saw her friend playing with them. She continues to play with the sets 3 months later. The cars will travel without the tracks but they use the tracks too. She really likes making circles and having the cars roll around in the circles, it is an enclosed circle so the car rolls and takes the circle with it. She also likes making large tracks. She likes to play with her 4 year old sister who likes the sets as well and their dad. It really is fun for the whole family.

- Betsy

  Hours of fun!

Hours of fun. Entertaining for all. We run it so often the batteries nearly every other day. Also, sometimes hair and dust gets stuck in the wheels. You can easily clean out the front wheels by taking the hood of a batteries off. The back wheels (which propel the vehicle) are nearly impossible to clean out. But, overall pleased with purchase.

- J.M. Delong

  Great track

Wow! We’ve had one of these tracks before and it lasted years but eventually died out from being used SO much. It really is a cool set so we ultimately bought another one several months later. It entertains out 2 and 4.5 year old. They have a blast!

- ca

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We're so sure you'll love your Trackzoid™ Bendable Glowing Race Track, you have a 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you don't.

You wanna be to cool parent don't you? Of course! Get Trackzoid™ and show your kid how awesome you are :)

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